Ant Control in Fredericksburg

Ants ant control ants

Ant Control in Fredericksburg

Ant control in Fredericksburg seems impossible sometimes. 

They are everywhere! There are over 700 species of ants living in the united states alone! Springtime in Virginia is here and this is usually when you start seeing ants making their way into your home. 

Often times when performing ant control in Fredericksburg, pest control specialists are faced with the odorous house ant, sidewalk ants, and carpenter ants. Each type of ant that calls Fredericksburg home enjoys a different habitat, and they have variances in their diets.  This can make treating for ant infestations difficult on your own.

Successful pest control for ants requires that the entire colony be eliminated, including the queen(s). 

This often requires professional assistance. There are somethings you can do to prevent ants from entering your home or business:

  • Sealing cracks in foundations and gaps around windows and doors.
  • Don’t leave food out on your counter or dirty dishes in your sink. 
  • Signing up for year-round home pest control services can also help you protect your home and prevent ants and other pests from taking over.

So how do we provide Ant control in Fredericksburg? Just like the other pests we treat for, our solution for ant control in Fredericksburg homes includes Integrated pest management. Our top suggestions for ant control on your Fredericksburg home include:

2. Reduce Areas of Standing Water

Second, reduce areas where standing water and moisture collects. Leaky pipes, damp basements (get a dehumidifier), downspouts that don’t run away from the structure, bad soil grading, and empty containers that gather rainwater are all areas where ants like to hangout.

3. Remove Dead Debris

Third, remove dead debris, rake up the leaves, move the firewood stack, seal cracks around the windows and foundation, and cut back the shrubs and tree branches. These are all ways that ants can enter the house and build their nests.

4. Contact the Pest Control Pros

The most important tip for The Ant Free Home is to work with your local pest control professional. Combating ants take a multi-layer, team approach. The best defense is a great offense. Don’t wait to find out that you have an ant problem before it’s too late. If you have an ant problem, Sigma Pest Control has the answer – our Platinum Pest Control solution should do the trick.

Sigma Pest Control staff are trained to help manage ants and similar pests. Keeping ants out of homes and buildings is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment. That’s why we recommend Sigma’s Quarterly Pest Control Service (QPCS) as the best solution for ant prevention and infestation.

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