Bed bugs: A common problem

Bed Bugs america bed bug problem widespread

Bed bugs: A common problem

From their size to the dangers, these tiny pests don’t judge when it comes to a new home

Bed bugs can be a common problem and when you look in the news, it is easy to recognize how frequently infestations occur. In Jamestown, South Carolina, a recent bed bug infestation caused crews of EMS workers to vacate their fire station.

According to the spokesperson for the city’s county (Berkeley), there were several attempts to treat the station but all were unsuccessful. Luckily the EMS crews aren’t expected to be adversely affected and will remain in the area.

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Research Findings

In another case, it was discovered that the city of Baltimore leads the way in bed bug infestations. Data was collected from December 2016 to November of last year. Washington, D.C., was found to be the second city with the most bed bug infestations – followed by Los Angeles. Other cities that made it into the top ten include Detroit, Dallas, New York, Detroit, and Columbus.

It was also reported that bed bug infestations are on the rise in America and it doesn’t matter if it is a condo, apartment, or a mansion – bed bugs will take any opportunity to invade.

A separate event also proved that bed bug infestations can go beyond buildings. They can even happen in the sky. It was recently reported that on some flights from Newark Airport, some passengers encountered the tiny pests. To recap, bed bugs can infest home, buildings, airplanes – but let’s not forget about public transportation.


In this case, one must consider that while seats on public transportation services might be cleaned often, the frequency of which they are used can often counter those efforts. It was recently reported that this is a common problem in areas such as Chicago and Los Angeles, where the seats have fabric coverings.


So, all in all – bed bugs are a widespread problem and can be tough to get rid of., which is why it’s important to pay attention to the signs of infestation and contact a professional pest control technician when you are first aware. We have a Pest Control plan that is guaranteed to clear your home of these pests.

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