Bed Bugs – They’re Back

Bed Bugs bed bugs infestation resistance

Bed Bugs – They’re Back

Bed bugs are everywhere this year. They’re in your clothes, bags, bedding, and mattresses. As a matter of fact, they can be found throughout your entire home, laying thousands of eggs along the way. But why are they so pervasive this year?

Part of the problem is that bed bugs are developing a resistance to pesticides. The life cycle of the bed bug is so short, and they reproduce so quickly, that over time they develop a defense to the pesticides. For example, bed bugs have developed a thicker skin to protect them from pesticides. In addition, bed bugs have developed genetic mutation that gives them resistance to DDT.

Last year, New York City reported over 11,000 complaints of bed bugs. A Rutgers study found that in New Jersey, 1 in 8 low-income apartments had infestations. One female bed bug can create 300 adults and 1,000 new eggs in three months-time.

Because bed bugs reproduce so quickly, most people don’t realize they have them until it is too late. The stigma that comes with bed bug infestation is another reason bed bugs have made a comeback. The traditional store-bought remedies don’t work, especially on an infestation. And the cost of hiring a professional is not something everyone can afford. As a result, they try to hide the fact that they have them. As a result, their bed bugs become your bed bugs. Traveling from house-to-house in our clothes and bags.

Bed Bug Control

Yes, bed bugs are back, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. When it comes to bed bugs, the best offense is a good defense. A Bed Bug Control solution, using Thermal Remediation, and a licensed Integrated Pest Management professional, is your best bet against bed bug infestation. Call Sigma Pest Control at (540) 94-SIGMA and schedule your free inspection today.

The Final Word ...

Do It Yourself bed bug treatments may reduce the bed bug population, but not all bed bugs can be killed in a single spray treatment. As a matter of fact, most bed bug pesticides do not kill the eggs. If you don’t kill the egg, then new bed bugs will continue to hatch and more eggs will continue to be laid. This creates a never-ending cycle of bed bug treatments needing to be perfectly timed to eventually rid your room of all bed bugs.

Sigma Pest Control are your licensed and trained heat treatment experts. Our Bed Bug Control program is your answer to a bed bug free home. Call today for a FREE inspection and consultation – (540) 94-SIGMA.

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