I have bed bugs, now what?

I have bed bugs, now what?

The biggest mistake people make is waiting too long to call for help, professional pest control help. If you have bed bugs, then don’t delay – call Sigma Pest Control at 540-94-SIGMA. The longer the problem remains, the further they’ll spread throughout your home and to others.

What can I do, right now, to treat bed bugs?

Remove bed sheets, pillowcases, and bedding, and seal in a plastic bag. The plastic bag will trap the bed bugs so they don’t spread when you take the bedding to the washer. You don’t want them to spread from one room to another.

Put the infested bedding into the washing machine using the hottest water, and then the dryer on the highest heat allowable per the bedding instructions. The high heat and water temperature will kill what it finds on your bedding.

When you removed the bedding, it is possible that some bed bugs, shells, eggs and fecal matter fell to the floor. You need to vacuum all around the bed, along the floor boards, in the spaces between the bedroom and the laundry room. Be sure to discard the vacuum bag immediately after use. And make sure you seal it in a plastic bag so those critters can escape your garbage can and return to your home.

You can run out and rent a high-pressure steamer to treat the mattress, box springs, carpet, wood floors, baseboards, window coverings, and furniture but your best move is to call on a certified pest control manager to provide HEAT TREATMENT to the infected area and other parts of the home.

Is heat treatment the best remedy for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small and they can hide out in the smallest spaces: cracks in the floor and walls, inside wall outlets, in carpet, drapes, folds in the blankets, shoes … etc. Heat treatment treats the entire room all at once, and a certified pest control manager can administer the treatment much more effectively than a do-it-yourself approach.

Heat treatment is a popular environmentally friendly substitute to using chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides to eradicate insect infestations.

Also know as Thermal Remediation®, heat treatment utilizes a high powered heater to raise the home’s air temperature to a bed bug lethal zone, killing all life stages from adults to eggs. Bed bugs have no defense against heat-it is our best weapon against them.

Can I use chemicals and sprays to treat bed bugs?

Do-It-Yourself bed bug treatments may reduce the bed bug population, but not all bed bugs can be killed in a single spray treatment. As a matter of fact, most bed bug pesticides do not kill the eggs. If you don’t kill the egg, then new bed bugs will continue to hatch and more eggs will continue to be laid. This creates a never-ending cycle of bed bug treatments needing to be perfectly timed to eventually rid your room of all bed bugs.

Will bed bugs go away on their own?

No – unlike some pests, bed bugs do not disappear when the weather changes. They want blood, human blood. They’ll go where you go and, if left untreated, bed bugs will continue to multiply and spread. Bed bugs DO NOT go away on their own.

Call the experts - call Sigma Pest Control

Bed bugs have a thermal death point, and when exposed to temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period, the entire population of bed bugs at all life stages (including eggs) are eliminated. Sigma Pest Control are your licensed and trained heat treatment experts. Our Bed Bug Control program is your answer to a bed bug free home. Call today for a FREE inspection and consultation – (540) 94-SIGMA.

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