The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

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The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bugs are the worst. Bed bugs can move quickly when they sense a threat. Their likely hiding places are usually deep inside wall voids, or a piece of furniture.

Bed bugs can cause nonstop itching and terrible welts, a horrific odor and some victims even experience severe stress and anxiety from having to live in an infested home.

These insects have behavioral patterns that help them avoid all our attempts to exterminate them, but heat treatments combat these natural defense mechanisms.

Bed bugs have three stages in their life cycle: egg, nymph, adult. Standard chemical sprays and over the counter bed bug treatment rarely works because it doesn’t kill the eggs. Only heat will bring an end to the bed bug life cycle.

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Using heat to kill insects provides numerous advantages over alternative pest control methods. Not only is it safer for the pest control operators, but for the occupants of the home as well.

Many homeowners throw their hands up in frustration and start tossing many of their belongings in the trash for a fresh start. But, before you move, and before you throw out your bed, couch, and other furniture, it is important to understand that a heat treatment will get into those hiding places. Heat radiates. There is no place those bugs can hide when confronted with temperatures of 120 °F.  

Benefits of Heat Treatment

Chemicals can be toxic if not properly ventilated or if proper application procedures are not followed. Heat treatments, however, will not lead to any long-term health side effects.

Heat treatments are performed only once (for low to mid-level infestations), to efficiently kill all insect life stages – from egg to adult – whereas chemicals typically require multiple treatments over an extended time period.

Insects often seek shelter in small cracks and crevices. Do it yourself treatments often miss these well-hidden areas. Heat treatment, however, can easily find, and penetrate, the hard to reach spaces in the home.

Computers track temperatures throughout the entire treatment process. A detailed report is generated at the conclusion of the treatment.

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The Final Word ...

Bed bugs have a thermal death point, and when exposed to temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period, the entire population of bed bugs at all life stages (including eggs) are eliminated. Sigma Pest Control are your licensed and trained heat treatment experts. Our Bed Bug Control program is your answer to a bed bug free home. Call today for a FREE inspection and consultation – (540) 94-SIGMA.

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