Thermal Remediation to Kill Bed Bugs

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Thermal Remediation to Kill Bed Bugs

Thermal Remediation to Kill Bed Bugs: The Real Monster's Under Your Bed

Bed Bugs… lets be honest, your skin probably just crawled a little bit even reading those two words, and we don’t blame you! Your bed – and home- are supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation, not somewhere crawling with tiny insects. And as far as pests go, these are some of the grossest and hardest to get rid of, because standard chemical sprays and DIY treatments don’t exterminate the source. Thus creating a never ending cycle that will start to spread throughout your entire house.

The terrible odor, constant itching, and welts that these bugs leave behind are enough to drive even the calmest of people crazy. Which is why all of us here at Sigma Pest have just the solution to your seemingly never ending bed bug problems… Thermal Remediation.

Remember how we said standard chemical sprays and at home remedies won’t cut it when it comes to bed bugs? That’s because bed bugs have three stages in their life cycle, egg, nymph, and adult. These treatments work to kill bed bugs in their nymph and adult stages but do nothing to fight off and kill bed bug eggs, hence the never ending cycle of bed bug infestation within your home. This is where thermal remediation comes in. The only way to get rid of bed bugs for good is with high heat. We don’t mean cranking your thermostat up to 80 degrees and smoking them out, we mean with a targeted heat dispensing mechanism that is proven to squash all of your bed bug hassles

What is Thermal Remediation?

Our pest control operators at Sigma Pest Control use Thermal Remediation to kill bed bugs, a process that provides various advantages over alternative pest control methods. This treatment utilizes a high powered heater to raise the home’s air temperature to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit, killing bed bugs in all life stages from adults to eggs. Bed bugs have no defense against heat, it is our best weapon against them. This treatment is not only safe for pest control operators but for the residents of the home as well.

Why Use Thermal Remediation to Kill Bed Bugs

When using thermal remediation to kill bed bugs there is no chemical exposure. But when it comes to chemical treatments, if they are not properly ventilated or if the proper application procedures are not followed, it can be extremely harmful and toxic. However with Thermal Remediation, it is a one time treatment, meaning you and your family will not be exposed over and over again to harmful toxins. These high temperature works to efficiently kill all insect life stages from egg to adult.

Another benefit of Thermal Remediation is that it spreads even to the most difficult to reach areas in your home. Typically, insects will often seek shelter in the small cracks and crevices within your living space. It is because of these hard to reach areas that DIY fixes and a majority of chemical treatments, will not solve your pest problem permanently. However, heat treatments can easily locate and infiltrate these hard to reach spaces in your home while killing bugs in all stages of the life cycle.

And our favorite thing about Thermal Radiation to kill bed bugs at Sigma Pest? At the end of the treatment, a detailed report is created with data collected throughout the treatment process. This means that you don’t have to wait and hope that the treatment worked, instead you know immediately that your house is free of its unwanted (and unwelcome) guests.

thermal remediation to kill bed bugs

A Look Inside the Process: Getting Prepared

Now you’re probably thinking, “Great! A treatment that is safe and that I will see immediate results from! But what does the process actually entail?” So here are the ways that you can prepare for this high heat treatment:

After you prepare your home, one of our trained technicians will begin the treatment to rid infested areas of these pesky insects. We go room by room with our special heaters and raise the thermal temperature to between a 130 degrees to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Once our special heaters reach that temperature we bring in our high powered to fans to circulate. This step of the process works much like a conventional oven does by circulating the warm air throughout the room. Thus allowing the heat to absorb into your furniture and different items that may be housing insects. We then leave the heater running for about 2 hours to ensure that there is no chance of survival for these pests. Once those two hours are up, we go in with thermal cameras to ensure that the heat reading of the area is 120 degrees or higher to make sure that you are rid of your bed bug problems for good.

Thermal Remediation is a process that is not only safe but also extremely effective in ridding your home of bugs in all stages of life. It also fits perfectly into our Integrated Pest Management style of pest control. Our technicians at Sigma Pest work to make your home yours again so give us a call and let us help take care of all of your pest control needs.