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What type of ants do I have?

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What Type of Ants Do I Have? If you find you are asking yourself “what type of ants do I have?” You have come to the right place! Not only can we answer that question, but we can also clear up the problem for you! What ants are normally found in Fredericksburg and the surrounding […]

Ants ants

What type of ants do I have?

What Type of Ants Do I Have? If you find you are asking yourself “what type of ants do I have?” You have come to the right place! Not only can we answer that question, but we can also clear up the problem for you! What ants are normally found in Fredericksburg and the surrounding […]

How to get rid of termites

How to get rid of termites If you are worried about termites, your first question is likely how to get rid of termites. But it can be helpful to know a little information about them first! What are termites? They are those pesky little winged insects that eat away at dead and decaying plant materials. […]

Mosquito Control For Your Yard

Mosquito Control Should Be Top Of Mind Mosquitoes are arguably one of the most annoying creatures on this planet. From sprays to repellants, to mosquito traps and misting systems, people spend thousands of dollars to some kind of mosquito control in their yard. Not only are mosquitoes uninvited to your outdoor activities, but they are […]

Ant Control in Fredericksburg

Ant control in Fredericksburg seems impossible sometimes.  They are everywhere! There are over 700 species of ants living in the united states alone! Springtime in Virginia is here and this is usually when you start seeing ants making their way into your home.  Often times when performing ant control in Fredericksburg, pest control specialists are […]

How to Control Spring Pests

Spring is here and that means warm weather, shorts, flowers blooming, and pollen…lots of pollen. But with spring here, that also means the return of some of your least favorite spring pests too, making spring pest control essential for comfortable living. With the seasonal shift, insects and other pests that were more dormant in the […]

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What you Should Know About Kissing Bugs

The name of this pest may seem sweet, but kissing bugs are much more dangerous than you’d think. And as the weather starts to warm up this group of blood-sucking insects will be coming out to enjoy the sunshine just like you. Despite the insect only hitting the news a few times over the past […]

Cicadas: Everything You Need to Know

After 17 years underground, over 1 billion Brood X cicadas will begin to emerge across the eastern United States this Spring. So how do you prepare for this upcoming cicada invasion and their loud buzzing? And how will their reappearance affect you? Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for their arrival! What are […]

Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard

If we are being honest, even just thinking about mosquitoes makes us itchy and when they invade your pool and patio area they can make the joys of warm weather pretty unenjoyable. As the warm temperatures increase, mosquito activity increases as well, so how do you prevent mosquitoes from gathering in your yard this spring […]

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Yard

Ants are the most common household pests in the United States. And when it comes to ants their main character trait is annoying, not dangerous. However, would you be surprised if we told you that finding ants in your yard could pose more of a threat to you and your family than you realize?  The […]

Ant Control: What you need to know about these pests

When it comes to ant control one of the first steps is finding out as much as possible about these invasive pests. Especially because ants are the number one nuisance pest throughout the United States. With over 700 different species throughout the country, and over 20 of those species being known to infest homes, knowing […]

Exterminator Vs. Pest Control Specialist

Is There a Difference? When it comes to pest control many people automatically think exterminator. However, when it comes to hiring the best company to rid your home of insects you don’t want to hire an exterminator but rather a pest control specialist. So what is the difference between the two? When it comes to […]

How to Get Rid of Ants

The ants may go marching one by one, but the last place you want to see them marching is in your home! So how do you get rid of ants after they make your house their new home? These pests are some of the worst uninvited guests because they are in no hurry to leave! […]

What Happens After a Mosquito Bite?

Earlier this month we took an in-depth look at mosquitoes and the harm that they can bring to your family and home. However, what happens after a mosquito bite? When you think of warm weather you typically think of beach trips, long days by the pool, and barbecues. But these fun days also bring pesky mosquitoes. […]

Mosquitoes 101

Getting to know Mosquitoes While the warm temperatures of spring aren’t here just yet, it is important to start thinking about the pests that accompany the upcoming season change. From mosquitoes to ants, there are many pests that come out of hiding after the cold temperatures disappear. One thing that all of these warm weather […]

Where do Mosquitoes go During the Cold

Mosquitoes and the Cold Mosquitoes are a pest that are most commonly associated with the warm humid temperatures of summer, but just because the heat goes away doesn’t mean that they do. A common misconception that most people have about mosquitoes is that they vanish during the winter seasons, but that’s not the case. When […]