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Mosquito Life Cycle

Like many pests, they have a life cycle that involves multiple stages of development. Each stage of that cycle may require a different strategy of

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tick control

How serious are ticks?

Ticks favor moist and humid environments, but, like many pests, they adapt to their surrounds and thrive. Ticks prefer to stay close to where they

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Carpenter Ants

Summer is a popular time for building things. When a new home is built, those people doing the building are called carpenters. In this blog,

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bed bug
Bed Bugs

Bed bug life cycle

Knowing what to look for is the first step in identifying and controlling bed bugs; this is the real gist of the article. While being

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cockroach - sigma pest control

Where do cockroaches live?

These creepy crawling pests are often associated with garbage, dirty kitchens, and filth. They are also know for spreading a range of diseases and triggering

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