What Happens to Mosquitoes When Summer Ends

Summer is the season of sun, fun, and… mosquitoes. These pesky insects seem to be everywhere during the warmer months, buzzing around and leaving itchy bites on our skin. But as fall approaches and the weather starts to cool down, we start to notice something – the mosquitoes seem to disappear. Have you ever wondered […]

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

Summer is the time for backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and enjoying the outdoors. However, one thing that can put a damper on outdoor activities is pesky mosquitoes. These bloodsucking insects can transmit diseases like the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and malaria. This blog post will discuss tips for keeping mosquitoes away from your pool […]

Things That Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a huge problem in the spring and summertime. Not only can they make it difficult to enjoy time outside, but they can also carry dangerous diseases like the Zika virus. In this blog post, we will discuss the things that attract mosquitoes to you and your home. We will also provide tips on […]

Find and Prevent Mosquito Nests with Sigma Pest

Spring and Summer are mosquito seasons. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs anywhere there is standing water, so it’s essential to be aware of potential mosquito nests around your home to prevent them from taking over. So do you know where the mosquitoes in your area are breeding? Creating the Perfect Environment For Mosquito Nests Mosquitoes […]

Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard

If we are being honest, even just thinking about mosquitoes makes us itchy and when they invade your pool and patio area they can make the joys of warm weather pretty unenjoyable. As the warm temperatures increase, mosquito activity increases as well, so how do you prevent mosquitoes from gathering in your yard this spring […]

What Happens After a Mosquito Bite?

Earlier this month we took an in-depth look at mosquitoes and the harm that they can bring to your family and home. However, what happens after a mosquito bite? When you think of warm weather you typically think of beach trips, long days by the pool, and barbecues. But these fun days also bring pesky mosquitoes. […]

Mosquitoes 101

Getting to know Mosquitoes While the warm temperatures of spring aren’t here just yet, it is important to start thinking about the pests that accompany the upcoming season change. From mosquitoes to ants, there are many pests that come out of hiding after the cold temperatures disappear. One thing that all of these warm weather […]

Where do Mosquitoes go During the Cold

Mosquitoes and the Cold Mosquitoes are a pest that are most commonly associated with the warm humid temperatures of summer, but just because the heat goes away doesn’t mean that they do. A common misconception that most people have about mosquitoes is that they vanish during the winter seasons, but that’s not the case. When […]

Professional Pest Control Services in Spotsylvania

Professional Pest Control Services in Spotsylvania you’ve been looking for! Our certified and experienced staff offers effective pest treatments that respect the customer’s needs as well as the environment. All associates of Sigma Pest Control are trained and certified in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). After the initial inspection, we recommend only the services necessary to remove pests […]