How to Prevent Termites During Winter

Termites are some of the most destructive insects to homes, and they can do a lot of damage in just one day. And now that the temperature is has dropped you may think that you are safe, however, that’s not necessarily true. Discovering termites in your home during any time of the year can be […]

Termite Activity During Winter.

Termites are a threat to homes all year round. However, termite infestation rates can increase during the winter season because termites often need more food and moisture when the weather is colder. Because of this, termite activity during winter is likely to increase, making it more likely for these pests to invade your home and […]

The Dangers that Come with Termites in the Home

Termites can cause huge problems for you and your home and are one of the most difficult and troublesome pests to get rid of. Termites in the home can cause a lot of damage, and some of this damage can be difficult to fix and oftentimes come with large repair bills attached. However, before you […]

When to get a Termite Inspection

When is it Time for a Termite Inspection? Did you hear about the termite who was a standup comedian? He brought the house down! Having termites is no joke (despite the many jokes that we have as pest control specialists). These dangerous insects work quickly and aggressively once infesting your home, and for many homeowners […]

Termites 101

Termites 101: Getting to know the Pests in your Home Lets talk termites. When it comes to these insects the average person doesn’t seem to know much about them. People tend to know that they can cause severe damage to the foundation of a home but that is where their knowledge seems to stop. And […]

How to get rid of termites

How to get rid of termites If you are worried about termites, your first question is likely how to get rid of termites. But it can be helpful to know a little information about them first! What are termites? They are those pesky little winged insects that eat away at dead and decaying plant materials. […]

All about Subterranean Termites

Reticulitermes flavipes – the eastern subterranean termite is the most common termite found in North America and is responsible for as much as 80% of the money spent on termite control. These termites are survivors. For more than 55 million years they have adapted to a diversity of environments (wet, dry, hot, cold) which explains […]