Rodent Control in Stafford, Virginia

Rodents can be a major nuisance and pose a threat to both residential and commercial properties. From chewing through electrical wires to contaminating food supplies, their presence can lead to significant damage and health risks. When it comes to rodent control in Stafford, Virginia, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to prevent infestations and address […]

Keep Your Home Safe From Pests During Storms

Summertime comes with heat, barbecues, and tons of time outside. But, something many people don’t think about when summer rolls around is summer storms. These summer storms can cause devastating effects to homes and the area that they hit. Because of this, it is extremely important for homeowners to not only take precautions to prevent […]

What you Should Know About Kissing Bugs

The name of this pest may seem sweet, but kissing bugs are much more dangerous than you’d think. And as the weather starts to warm up this group of blood-sucking insects will be coming out to enjoy the sunshine just like you. Despite the insect only hitting the news a few times over the past […]

Cicadas: Everything You Need to Know

After 17 years underground, over 1 billion Brood X cicadas will begin to emerge across the eastern United States this Spring. So how do you prepare for this upcoming cicada invasion and their loud buzzing? And how will their reappearance affect you? Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for their arrival! What are […]

How do bats get in my house?

Oh no, there are bats in my house, now what? Nothing disrupts a great family meal more than a bat in the house. As upset as you might be about it, the bat is probably more concerned than you. You don’t want it there and it certainly doesn’t want to be there either. Besides, lasagna […]

Winter Pests are Here!

What do house mice, rats, cockroaches, brown recluse spiders, and raccoons all have in common? When cold weather arrives, these winter pests seek the warm and cozy living space of your home. Some pests hibernate, like mosquitoes, flies and bees. Those are the summer insects. But mice, rodents, raccoons, and spiders seek shelter from the […]