How do mice get in your home?

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How do mice get in your home?

Got mice? Want to know how they got in? It is quite simple … they got into your home via the hole in your wall, the cracks in your foundation, the open garage door, the window left ajar, sewer lines, drains and sink pipes, and the oven and gas vents. Shall we go on?

Mice can squeeze into the tiniest of spots. Just watch this video and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Mice, once established, will look to build a nest, usually from paper. Mice can easily find warmth by locating a nest inside the walls of your home, under  floorboards or near a hot water tank or even up in the attic.

Once inside, mice will search for an isolated to spot in your home; one close to food. If you leave food out in the open, crumbs on the counter and floor, then mice will find it. To prevent this, be sure to store food


in containers with tight lids. And don’t’ forget the pet food, they love to eat pet food so keep it sealed. Take out the trash regularly and make sure the sink is clear of food scraps.

The heat and comfort of your home is much nicer then the elements outside, but just because they mice like it in your home, doesn’t mean you have to allow it.

In order to prevent mice from entering your home, all cracks, openings and hole should be sealed with metal or cement. All doors and windows should remain closed.

Fun Facts about mice:

Prevention Tips:

Food should be stored in plastic or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards.

Wash floor and baseboards and vacuum the carpets.

Fit brush strips to the bottom of doors to prevent entry, especially in older properties where the door fit may not be snug.

Mice are attracted to the forgotten corners of basements, closets, and storage rooms. Remove boxes of old items, piles of clothing, piles of magazine and books, cans, bottles and old furniture.

Seal holes around existing or new pipes with coarse grade stainless steel wire wool and caulking.

Check that old pipe holes are sealed too. Any holes that are larger than 5mm will allow mice to gain access because their jaws can fit into tight spaces like these and quickly gnaw larger openings that allow them to enter a building.


Let’s be honest, you hate mice. They are small, and fast, and smelly, and they get your hair, your bed, your kitchen pantry. They might even nibble on your toes if you let them. You can go the DIY route and leave traps out, bait, and poison, but there is no guarantee you’ll eliminate the colony that has most likely established itself in your home.

You want peace of mind? Call Sigma Pest Control, the pest control experts. Our pest control specialists have the tools and training to conduct a thorough inspection to find all of the mouse access points and hiding places in your home or business. And our pest control packages will provide you with the guarantee you need to make sure they never come back.

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