Can you really control Mosquitoes and Ticks in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

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Can you really control Mosquitoes and Ticks in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

The scene is nothing new. A family enjoying a warm spring or summer night in their backyard. Dad is flipping some burgers, sipping on a cold one, while chatting with the neighbor. Mom, the neighbor’s wife, and the kids are all sitting on the patio. They have the citronella torches lit, Son just cut the grass, and you’ve all covered yourself in DEET. The trepidation builds with every burger Dad flips…

“SWACK” one of the ladies has just slapped their neck.

“OH NO,” Dad says to himself, knowing it has begun.

Within mere minutes everyone is swatting, slapping, shuffling, scratching, and everything else possible to alleviate the growing irritation of the mosquitoes and ticks that come with warm weather.

The neighbor speaks up sheepishly. “Maybe we should all go to Ted’s house. They never seem to have mosquitoes bothering them”

mosquitoes and ticks

“How is that possible” Dad asks. He then looks over at Ted’s yard where he and his wife Martha have just turned on their porch lights and were settled in with cool drinks on their hammocks. Smiling comfortably, they were the envy of the neighbors.

A sign in their front yard catches Dad’s eye…

against them allowing them to attach. This method of finding a host is what allows the same treatment, which makes all potential harborages for both species, effective in protecting your family.

Dad takes not of the number and promises his family this will be the last party ruined by mosquitoes. Jack, the family dog raises his eyes

“Yes, Jack… And Ticks too!” Mom quips as the family laughs

Is it realistic to control Mosquitoes and Ticks in Fredericksburg, VA?



Mosquitoes are not strong flyers at all. In fact, they need to land as rest approximately every 10 feet. Where do they prefer to rest? On the undersides of vegetation that shields them from the sun and holds the most moisture. Why does this matter? It matters because understanding the biology, habits, habitat, and other entomologically pertinent facts is what allows the experts of Sigma Pest Control to conquer these pests and protect your family.

But what about ticks?

Ticks do not travel long distances on their own. They are an ectoparasite that requires a host for all levels of survival. Ticks in your yard are in search of a host. They find a host by climbing vegetation anywhere from several inches, to several feet and wait for a host to brush

Protect your family today with a Mosquito Control plan; Contact Sigma Pest Control and join The Sigma Family!

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