Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard


Preventing Mosquitoes in Your Yard

If we are being honest, even just thinking about mosquitoes makes us itchy and when they invade your pool and patio area they can make the joys of warm weather pretty unenjoyable. As the warm temperatures increase, mosquito activity increases as well, so how do you prevent mosquitoes from gathering in your yard this spring and summer?

Learning About the Mosquitoes in Your Yard

First, it is important for you to know that this increase in temperature allows mosquitoes to lay more eggs and also makes these eggs hatch at a much faster pace. Female mosquitoes produce up to 300 eggs at a time and up to about 3,000 eggs throughout their lifetime.

These females are also the ones that bite you because, in order for them to nurture and lay their eggs, mosquitoes need fresh blood from another creature.

Why are Mosquitoes Attracted to Water in Your Yard?

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard and away from water sources may sound easy but, that isn’t always the case. After mosquitoes mate, the only place they can deposit their eggs is in still or slow moving water. The body of water has to be still enough for the mosquitoes to land on and deposit their floating eggs along the surface.

mosquitoes in your yard

This still standing water can be found in some ponds and puddles or in empty cans, gutters, buckets, and even storm drains. It is because of this that mosquitoes in your yard will not typically lay their eggs in a swimming pool that is properly maintained. Swimming pools typically have a pool pump that runs a few hours a day creating water circulation. This circulation helps to prevent a mosquito from being able to land on the surface of your pool.

So How do you Prevent the Gathering of Mosquitoes in Your Yard?

When it comes to your outdoor spaces you want them to be relaxing for you and your family, not overridden with mosquitoes. So what can you do to ensure that your yard is mosquito free?

Keep your Landscape Well Maintained

When you have tall, overgrown grass and hedges along with weeds, you are practically giving mosquitoes an open invitation into your yard. These bugs will seek refuge in this overgrown area and will take shelter in the cool that these areas provide when it is hot.

Taking proper care of your landscape by routinely cutting the grass, trimming hedges, and killing weeds is important to help keep prevent the gathering of mosquitoes in your yard.

It is also important for you to remember to take care of puddles and any areas with standing water that may attract mosquitoes. If your patio has any areas of grass (natural or artificial) you should also check to make sure that it is training properly and no small pools of water have formed.

You may even want to take a moment to talk to your neighbors to help prevent an infestation of mosquitoes. If you are taking all the proper precautions in your yard but your neighbors are not, all of your preventative efforts may be a complete waste.

Pay Attention to Your Pool Cover

By now you know that mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, but what you may not know is that mosquitoes only need a thimble-sized amount of standing water. This means that even the smallest amount of stagnant water could act as a breeding ground.

Swimming Pool Solar Cover

If you have a pool or hot tub cover made out of solid material, it is easy for water to collect and gather on top of it. The elements will work to evaporate small amounts of water, however, larger puddles may remain for days on end without drying. This is why it is important for you to remove water that has accumulated on the cover.

Eliminate Any Potential Water Reservoir Areas

Areas such as ponds and puddles are the obvious breeding grounds for mosquitoes however those are not the only worry spots. You would be surprised to know what can catch and hold small pockets of water to attract the swarming of mosquitoes in your yard. Items such as old tires, birdbaths, pool toys, empty flower pots, and even dog pools can become the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes in your yard.

Your rain gutters and drainage points are also places you should keep an eye on, along with any tools, patio furniture, or equipment that is left outside. Once you know the areas to pay attention to around your home you can work to eliminate any potential breeding areas for mosquitoes in your yard.

Use Larvicide in Suspected Water Areas

Even after you have searched out areas of stagnant water throughout your yard, there still is a chance of stagnant water puddles to occur. Your yard may have areas that you can not remove or easily drain creating motionless water for mosquitoes to drop their eggs in. In order to prevent this, you will have to destroy eggs that make it to the larva stage of development

Some insect growth inhibitors will work to kill larvae before they can mature. These products will help you to be proactive when it comes to preventing an infestation of mosquitoes in your yard.

Hire a Professional to Take Care of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Even after implementing all of these practices, some backyards have conditions that attract large mosquito populations that just can’t be controlled. This is why the best way to take care of mosquitoes in your yard once and for all is by calling the professionals. Our team at Sigma Pest is trained to seek out even the smallest pooling of water throughout your yard and will work with you to help rid you of your mosquito problem.

We take the time to examine your yard thoroughly and will then point out problem areas for you to keep an eye on in the future. Our mosquito prevention services will help keep your yard mosquito free and ready to embrace the warm weather summer has to offer. Give us a call today and let us help you take care of the mosquitoes in your yard!

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