Mosquito habits and risks: what you need to know

Mosquitoes bite blood disease mosquito

Mosquito habits and risks: what you need to know

When it comes to the mosquito habits and risks they are very specific to the species.

These flying insects are from the Diptera group, which true flies also hail from. In their adolescent years, mosquitoes tend to thrive in standing and stagnant water. Adult female mosquitoes are most recognized for their eating habits as they are the prime suspects for feeding on blood in order to help develop their eggs. Both adult male and female mosquitoes also consume the nectar of flowers and are most active from dusk to dawn. The less light the better, as more sunshine might cause them to perish.

There are distinct differences between female and male mosquitoes. As previously mentioned, female mosquitoes feed on blood while male mosquitoes do not. There are some species of mosquitoes, however, in which the females do not consume blood and consume nectar from flowers or other sugars like male mosquitoes.

Other differences between female and male mosquitoes include different body parts such as the proboscis, which protrudes from the mouth. Females have a smooth proboscis and the proboscis of males tend to be bushier. Another body part that differs between the two genders is the antennae, which help with hearing. The antennae of males larger in size and more feathery and the antennae of females is more smooth and less feathery. Overall, female mosquitoes are larger in size than males and have longer life spans.

Mosquitoes can easily navigate their way through small openings in the home and prefer to reside in dark and closed off areas. They tend to venture out of their hiding places at night to find their next meal. Once they do enter the home, they can navigate to areas such as closets or spaces under sinks. Considering mosquitoes prefer darker areas, it’s no wonder why they can thrive within the home, however they are most commonly found in backyards and seek out thick vegetation.

Outside of the home, mosquitoes are fond of areas near ponds, marshes, and any drenches that collect water during rainfall. It’s best to avoid these areas as mosquitoes can carry a number of diseases that can negatively affect humans including the notable Zika virus. This disease is highly dangerous for pregnant women and can cause birth defects. Another disease mosquitoes can carry is the West Nile virus along with different forms of encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. While there can be dangers associated with the pests, the most common risk is their bites, which can cause swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

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If you do find yourself dealing with a mosquito infestation, the treatment consists of reducing the water sources that these pests thrive within and can involve the use of chemical products as well. Mitigating the water sources is extremely effective as it ultimately removes the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. For the most effective solution to Pest Control, be sure to call Sigma Pest Control and have an experienced technician visit the site of infestation today.

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