Quarterly Pest Control

Household pests like termites, cockroaches, and rodents can be much more than an annoyance

The best way to prevent pest infestation is preventative treatment, and with quarterly pest control services you are doing just that.

Why you Need Quarterly Pest Control

When it comes to pest control the most effective way of preventing an infestation revolves around preventative care. It is easy for pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and wasps to reappear in your house after treatments. which is why preventative quarterly pest control is a great option for your home when you are considering pest control options.

What is Quarterly Pest Control?

When it comes to pests, there isn’t an offseason. And because they are active throughout the year, it is important to protect your home against infestation all year round. With seasonal pest control services, our certified technicians will inspect and treat your property four times throughout the year. What is great about quarterly pest control services is that it is completely customizable to you and your home and works to treat pests through each season.

During this type of pest control treatment process, the initial treatment involves a thorough inspection of the outside of your home and the interior of the home. Once that inspection is done the first initial treatment takes place and is conducted throughout the exterior and interior of your house. After that, the following treatments are applied mainly around the perimeter and exterior of your home. But we will take a peek inside your home to make sure that there are no signs of an infestation.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

Even the cleanliest of homes can encounter pest infestations now and again. And unfortunately, in many cases pest problems can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Homeowners typically only notice the signs after their property has undergone significant damage, or they see clear evidence of the pests. Most times the infestation is so severe that by the time professional pest exterminators have a hard time eradicating the pest problem. With quarterly pest control, you are taking preventative steps to avoid infestations altogether.

The Benefits of Quarterly Pest Control

When you choose quarterly services there are tons of benefits. Some of which include:

It Saves you Money

When you chose a one-time pest control service you have to pay each time a technician comes out to deal with a pest problem on your property. With a quarterly pest control package, you are protected in the case of a recurring pest infestation.

It Keeps your Property Free of Pests and Diseases

Technicians will not only treat your home four times a year, but they also use these visits to check for potential dangers to you and your home. This helps to ensure that any potential issues are addressed earlier on before a serious infestation occurs. Most pests carry diseases and quarterly pest control helps to prevent diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, rate-bite fever, and Lyme disease just to name a few.

It Gives you Peace of Mind

When dealing with pest problems, it is common for people to feel scared and frustrated. When you opt for preventive pest control measures you are able to rest easy knowing your home is not overrun by annoying pests.

Pests can cause a lot of damage to your property and pose serious threats to your health. It is because of this that quarterly pest control services are a great help to your home and your family’s physical health and mental health. Contact us today about starting your quarterly pest control services.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth it Over Just One Time Services?

Our team at Sigma Pest is able to to treat your home and spaces as a one time service, however you have to know when to call. It is extremely difficult to predict when a pest problem is going to arise and quarterly pest control services will help you stay on top of pests before they can even become a problem. These services will save you time and money in the long run too. Some other reasons why these services are worth it include:


No matter how clean and tidy your home is, pests and other critters can find their way into your home. Having an unexpected pest problem can impact your monthly budget, but with a quarterly pest control services you are able to plan for the cost of treatments. We offer manageable monthly payments to ensure that your home and your budget are protected from any possible unwanted guests. 

Automatic Scheduling

We know just how busy everyone is these days, and it is easy to forget to treat your home until it is far too late. A quarterly pest control package helps to manage your workload by making sure your next pest treatment takes place before your last treatment is rendered ineffective.


With one time services you have to pay each and every time one of our technicians comes to treat a returning pest. However, with quarterly pest control services, you are protected if pests make a return before your next scheduled inspection! Just give our team a call and we will send help you remedy the problem quickly and effectively. 

Points of Service

  • Treatment – If evidence of termites comes to our attention, we’ll prepare a customized treatment plan based on your home’s needs and start right away by applying a targeted control plan — preventative treatment.
  • Follow Up – In the unlikely event that termites return, Sigma Pest Control will be there to honor our satisfaction guarantee and take care of the problem.

Quarterly Pest Control Services With Sigma Pest

Pests are simply just a part of life, and they are prevalent and active through each and every season. If you have too many spiders crawling around, or discover that your home is overridden with ants you can always give our team a call. However, just reacting to your pest problem isn’t the only option. If you want to keep these pests outside and out of your home before they have a chance to enter give our team a call today. We will work with you to manage and schedule your quarterly pest control services so you can feel secure in knowing you and your family are safe from the headache of pests. 

Quarterly Pest Control

$ 249 + 129 quarterly
  • Strategy
  • Repeat Treatments
  • Protection
  • Guarantee

Package Deals

Pest Control Packages

Why Sigma Pest Control is right for you!

Locally owned and operated, Sigma Pest Control uses advanced industry technology along with the most appropriate pest control treatments tailored to the specifics needs of each client. Dedicated to the protection and well-being of our greater Fredericksburg communities and residents, Sigma Pest Control can overcome the toughest and most persistent pest problems.

Our Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze pest control service packages are pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and proven to work. We are happy to work with you to tailor the service to fit your needs.

Our Platinum Package is your Complete Pest Control Solution. You get year-round protection for your family and home.

This plan safely and effectively treats ants, spiders, roaches, rodents, mosquitoes and other common household pests, PLUS TERMITE CONTROL!

For a standard monthly price, you get Quarterly Pest Control, Sigma Termite Solutions, and Mosquito & Tick Control

This is a year-round service and an is required.

Say goodbye to pests and TERMITES with our popular Gold Package.

For a standard monthly price, you get Quarterly Pest Control and Sigma Termite Solutions

This is a year-round service and an initial payment in required.

Mosquitoes, ticks, antsbeesrodents … they don’t stand a chance. Not when you buy the Sigma Silver package!

A standard monthly price gets you the Quarterly Pest Control and Mosquito & Tick Control solutions.

This is a year-round service and an initial payment is required.

Start protecting your home and family today with our Bronze package!

A standard monthly price, gets you the Quarterly Pest Control service

This is a year-round service and an initial payment is required.

Certified and Experienced Staff

premium quality Our certified and experienced staff offers effective pest treatments that respect the customer’s needs as well as the environment. All associates of Sigma Pest Control are trained and certified in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

After the initial inspection, we recommend only the services necessary to remove pests and restore your peace of mind. Each program is provided with a written guarantee and carried out in adherence to the highest industry standards and regulations.