How to Pest Proof Your Home for Fall

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How to Pest Proof Your Home for Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the air smells crisp and cool… But fall also brings pest problems with it! This is why it is important to pest proof your home now so that you can enjoy all that autumn has to offer without worrying about pest infestations.

There are many pest problems that can occur when fall weather hits. One of the most common pests in the fall is mice. Mice begin looking for places to stay warm and dry during this time, which means they will seek shelter inside your home. If you already have a pest problem such as roaches or ants, then these little rodents will be your pest problem for the winter.

Another pest to worry about this time of year is ticks. Ticks are most active in warmer weather, but they will hang around until it gets cold enough outside that their activity dies off. If you have a pest infestation already then you run the risk not only of having mice bugs or ants, but also pest ticks.

This is why it is important for you to know some of the simple ways you can pest proof your home so you are able to help keep pests outside of your home during fall.

How You Can Pest Proof Your Home for Fall

With the change in season, it only makes sense that you call on the pest professionals to treat your home, but there are also some things you can do to help prevent pests from scurrying into your home!

1. Seal Off Any Cracks

Seal off any cracks or open spaces on the outside of your house. This will not only pest proof your home, but it can also make your property more energy-efficient and reduce heating costs! These cracks and gaps are easy for pests to get through, so take care of them right away before they become an issue. It is best to seal these cracks off with pest-proof materials such as caulk or steel wool.

Crumbling wall on foundation of home

2. Use Pest Barriers Around the Perimeter of Your Home

Along with sealing off any cracks or gaps, pest barriers are also a great way to help keep pests out of your home! Pest barriers work by creating an invisible shield around the outside of your house. This barrier is pest-proof and contains natural ingredients that pest insects do not like.

If you want fall pest protection for your home, pest barriers are a great option. You can purchase pest barrier products at your local hardware store or pest control professionals will also provide you with the pest-proof materials that they use for their own homes and businesses!

3. Keep Food Sealed

It is important to make sure any food in your home remains sealed and inside. Pests such as mice, ants, or roaches will be attracted to the smell of food that they can get into! This means that taking the time to pest proof your home will require you not only to keep things clean but also to seal away all foods after use so that pest insects cannot get into them.

4. Fix Leaky Pipes

Leaking steel pipe under sink with water drops

Another pest issue that can occur in the fall is pest insects getting into your home through leaky pipes or faucets. Make sure you are checking all of these areas around your home regularly to ensure no pest has gotten inside, and water damage will not be an issue during pest infestation time!

5. Replace Weather Stripping

As insects begin to travel outside of your home, you want to make sure that all doors and windows have screens on them. You may also need to replace weather stripping around these entry points in order for the pest-proof barrier to be effective.

6. Store Firewood Away from Your Home

Another thing you should remember is that ,insects such as ticks that carry Lyme disease will be more active in the fall and can even hide under firewood. Make sure you keep your woodpile away from your home so pest insects cannot find a way inside!

7. Don't Leave Out Pet Food

Insects and other pests will also go after pet food that is left out for your pets, so make sure you keep this pest-proofed away from any areas where pest insects could get into it.

8. Keep a Clean Kitchen

Keeping a clean kitchen is another pest-proofing method you can do to help keep pests out of your home! Pest insects will be attracted by messes and food that has not been properly stored.

pest proof your home

9. Proper Outdoor Drainage

Pests and other insects will also be attracted to outdoor drainage issues. Make sure that any water is directed away from your home and does not end up in an area where pest insects can get into it.

10. Keep Your Basement, Attic and Crawl Space Dry

Water damage is a pest issue all on its own, and it can attract pest insects as well. Make sure you dry out any areas that have water in them to keep pest infestations away from your home during fall! If you suspect an area of having a moisture problem, call pest control professionals who will be able to use their pest-proof pest control methods to remove pest insects if they are present.

11. Inspect Storage Bins

Another pest-proofing method you can use during fall is inspecting all storage areas and bins around your home. If these are not pest-proofed, pest insects may be able to get inside and cause damage or infest the area! Check bins regularly for any pest signs such as eggs that could indicate a pest problem.

Let Our Team Help!

Having to pest proof your home during the fall seems like a daunting task, don’t worry! The pest control professionals at Western Exterminator are here to help you with all pest-proofing methods so that you can have an effective barrier against pest insects this fall. Our team of pest control specialists will inspect the exterior and interior areas of your home and ensure pest-proofing is set up so that pest insects will stay out of your home this fall! Contact us today for more information about our pest control packages

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