Pests in the Fall to Keep an Eye Out For

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Pests in the Fall to Keep an Eye Out For

With the fall season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the different pests that can invade your home and yard with this change in season. The same precautions you have been taking for pests during summer’s heat won’t be enough to keep bugs and rodents away during the cooler fall months. And the pests you have been worrying about recently aren’t necessarily the same as the pests in the fall or the pest you need to be worrying about in the upcoming months. 

So what pests in the fall should you worry about, and how can you prevent them from invading your home?

Pests in the Fall to Worry About

As the weather starts to turn, pests will begin searching for a warm place to call home. And if there is a way for pests to enter your home they will find it and then tell all of their friends, eventually leading to an infestation. Thus making it all that more important to be able to know more about the prevalent pests in fall.

Stink Bugs

pests in the fall

Stink bugs are a very well known insect, and because of that it is very well known just how much of a nuisance these pests can be. These insects are oval in shape and can reach up to 2 centimeters long. They are typically brown and dark green in color and get their name from the odor that they can produce.

Their odor comes from a chemical reaction that is produced when they feel threatened or after they have been killed. Because of this, many people opt to dispose of them by vacuuming them up however, this can still cause them to release the unpleasant odor.

Stink bugs will typically enter the home during fall for their hibernation period the good news is that during hibernation they don’t eat or reproduce. Most species of stink bugs are also unable to bite, leaving their stench the biggest concern. While stink bugs aren’t dangerous and rarely cause harm, they are a nuisance, making them one of the most annoying pests in fall.


When it comes to pests in the fall, another that you should keep your eye out for is spiders. While overall spiders aren’t known for making their way inside, there are specific breeds of spiders that have adapted to the living conditions inside of your home. So as the colder weather rolls in, pests in fall will begin to seek warmth and shelter in your home and spiders will begin to do just that.

Some of the spiders you may find inside of your home include the American house spider, cellar spiders, the domestic house spider, and cupboard spiders. Just like pests in summer are focused on reproduction, pests in fall are focused on the same thing. And these spiders will typically make their way into your home through eggs that are embedded and laid on wood flooring, your walls, and on furniture.

However, when it comes to pests in fall, spiders may be one of the best pests to have around because they feed on other pests, acting as a natural predator.

Wasps and Bees

As the warmer weather starts to disappear, pests in fall are desperate for warmth, and wasps along with other stinging pests are a prime example of that. The shifting of the warm weather will prompt wasps to move their nests to a warmer location, and your attic, garage, and shed are perfect locations for them to create their brand new homes.

Pests in the fall

As it stands, wasps are already in a bad mood when the weather changes because of the damage the shift causes to their old nests. Because of this, they become even more dangerous to your family during the fall months.

These stinging pests in fall can cause extreme pain, but they can also be deadly to someone who may be allergic to their stings. If you are allergic and happen to get stung it is important to wash the affected area right away. After that, you should take an antihistamine and call your doctor, especially if you are having difficulty breathing and or severe swelling.


When it comes to pests in the fall, cockroaches are one of the most unwanted and disgusting pests in your home. And not only do they look gross, but they also carry a plethora of unwanted germs and diseases into your home too. They will often feed on garbage, leftover food, and in some extreme cases, cockroaches will even feed on household items and you! These insects will sometimes feed on human eyelashes and fingernails.

Because cockroaches are timid insects that come out at night, they can go undetected in your home for quite some time. In order to determine whether or not cockroaches are in your home, you should keep an eye out for droppings and shed skins in dark crevices and corners throughout your home. It is also important for you to know that cockroaches are pros at reproducing, and typically the sight of one cockroach in your home is most likely the sign of a bigger infestation. So making sure you keep an out for these pests in the fall season is extremely important.


pests in the fall

Ants are probably one of the most common pests inside your home. While they can infest your home throughout the year, they are one of the pests in the fall you should be keeping an eye out for. 

All ants are a nuisance but each species behaves a bit differently. Some of the most common ants you will find in your home include

In order to prevent these pests in the fall, it is important to keep your home clean and make sure to frequently sweep your floors and keep your counter clear of crumbs and food.

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