What to Know About Thermal Remediation Services

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What to Know About Thermal Remediation Services

It can be hard to keep pests out of your home or business. And sometimes the typical pest control methods you may be used to hearing about just don’t cut it. That is why our team at Sigma Pest uses thermal remediation services to help eradicate your home of pests! The technique of thermal remediation utilizes technology that makes use of steam injection and sometimes uses electrical resistance heating throughout the process. The energy that is injected into the subsurface mobilizes volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants making pests easy to remove.

A Deeper Look at Thermal Remediation Services

thermal remediation to kill bed bugs

Thermal remediation is a process that involves the application of heat or microwave like machines to infested areas in order to kill pests and their eggs. This process has been shown to be effective against bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, flies, and ants. The heat produced by thermal remediation can be applied through steam treatment, better known as steam cleaning, or through hot air drying methods depending on the type of structure or building that is infested.

These steam treatments are often used for large structures such as homes whereas hot air heating may be more appropriate for small indoor spaces like apartments, where there isn’t enough space to accommodate the equipment needed to perform a steam treatment. For both types of processes, all furniture must first be removed from the area being treated, followed by an initial vacuuming and washing of the floors. It is also important to also take the time to treat your baseboards along with any cracks you may find before receiving these services.

It is also important to note, that while thermal remediation services have many benefits, they also have certain drawbacks as well. For example, while it has been effective in eradicating homes of ants, it is not it is effective against the ants themselves because these pests are attracted to moisture. Whereas bed bugs, on the other hand, cannot live in temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit for more than a few minutes, making some vacuuming necessary after the thermal treatment has been completed.

Thermal remediation can also pose health risks due to prolonged exposure so once heating has been completed by a professional company there must be an air exchange period before anyone can enter the treated space again. This period can last up to three days depending on whether or not windows were open during the treatment process.

Equipment Used During Thermal Remediation Services

The equipment that is used during thermal remediation is different than the equipment used during other pest removal services. Thermal remediation utilizes:


Depending on the size and layout of the location, we typically use industrial-grade electric heaters or a special heat rig with a built-in generator.

thermal remediation services


Our pest control experts use remote thermometers and heat gun thermometers to ensure that all areas, including common hiding places, reach the required temperatures. With this equipment, we can safely and evenly raise the temperature of every area of your home.


Our pest control experts use remote thermometers and heat gun thermometers to ensure that all areas, including common hiding places, reach the required temperatures. With this equipment, we can safely and evenly raise the temperature of every area of your home.

Another important thing to know about thermal remediation is the designated pest treatment areas. Thermal treatments remediate both inside and outside of the home. This includes attics as well as other high risk areas such as behind cabinets or under the sink. This process is is a chemical-free service that won’t be detected by household pests like ants or rodents since it does not use any chemicals to kill them off but instead it relies on heat which is undetectable by their senses. Heat is undetectable by these types of pests because they don’t feel pain at heat levels we humans would find uncomfortable. Thermal remediation can also be used on cars if you have noted an infestation in your vehicle.

Comparing Thermal Remediation to Traditional Pest Control

When comparing thermal remediation to traditional pest control there are a few key differences to note. For one, thermal remediation does not involve the use of chemicals, which can be extremely hazardous not only to humans but also in terms of groundwater contamination. And the process of thermal remediation is also relatively inexpensive considering all that is involved in the process (especially when compared with other methods). For this reason, many clients who choose thermal remediation as their method of treatment prefer it over more harmful alternatives.

thermal remediation services

Thermal heating services offer safe and environmentally friendly options that use natural materials and energy sources that do not harm humans or wildlife living nearby. Because of this, it is ideal for people with health concerns about chemical residue on their property or those who have specific environmental considerations. Thermal remediation also provides an environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t leave behind any materials except dead bugs!

Thermal heating services also have another major advantage over other treatments: they usually only take one visit! With pesticide-based bug removal, you typically need multiple rounds of treatment – fourteen days apart – with each round costing more than $500 in materials alone (not including labor). Thermal remediation requires just one visit, so not only does this save time but money as well too!

Trust Our Team at Sigma Pest

At Sigma Pest Control, our thermal remediation services are completed by knowledgeable technicians that have experience in completing effective heat treatment programs. Thermal eradication is a process that requires no use of chemicals or pesticides and can be done quickly without interrupting your operations to ensure complete satisfaction each and every time.

When you trust our team with thermal remediation services to treat your pests, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing our services will not harm the health of your family members or pets while preserving natural resources at the same time. You can also trust that the services undertaken are supervised by trained professionals who hold years of industry knowledge and expertise in this field so you know what’s being done with your property is done right. Thermal remediation services are not only the most effective but also one of the safest pest control methods available today! Contact us today for more information about how heat treatments can help keep your home pest free.

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