$89 per Month

Includes: Quarterly Pest Control, Sigma Termite Solutions, Mosquito & Tick Control, Initial payment of $799

$49 per Month

Includes: Quarterly Pest Control, Sigma Termite Solutions, Initial payment of $799

$75 per Month

Includes: Quarterly Pest Control, Mosquito & Tick Control, Initial Payment of $199

$33 per Month

Includes: Quarterly Pest Control, Initial Payment of $199


Warranties must be attached to an SPC service package above. An inspection fee may apply.

Monthly: $10

If you ever experience a Bed Bug problem in your home, we will eradicate it for no additional charge. $50 inspection fee will be refunded if Bed Bugs are detected.

Monthly: $10

Snake repellent will be applied around the home three times per year, and if a snake is ever found in the dwelling, it will be removed at no additional charge.

A La Carte Solutions

Quarterly Pest Control Service (QPCS)
Initial: $199 then Quarterly: $109



Sigma’s Quarterly Pest Control Service (QPCS) covers ants, spiders, roaches, wasps, fleas, centipedes, crickets, mice, rats, and much more.  Once we solved any issues on the inside of your home, we will focus our efforts on the outside to keep your home pest free.  Exterior services will occur once every three months, and will include a foundation treatment, removal of wasp nests and spider webs using a telescopic tool that reaches up to 30 feet, a perimeter band around the home. And crack and crevice service.  However, if the bugs don’t listen, we will come back and take care of it at no additional charge to you.

Sigma Termite Solutions (STS)
Initial: $799 then Annual: $199



Prices contingent on no existing activity or damage. Sigma Termite Solutions (STS) allow you to have the peace of mind that your home is protected from termites for good.  With Sigma Termite Solutions, we will provide your home with a long-lasting barrier against termites, and do a thorough inspection of your home every year. Every fifth year, an additional barrier service will be performed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. If termites are ever found we will, as always, honor our satisfaction guaranty and take care of the problem.

Mosquito and Tick Control Program (MTCP)
Monthly: $89 (7 months)


Sigma’s Mosquito and Tick Control Program (MTCP) protects you, your family and your pets from the deadliest living organism on the planet.  Reclaim your yard! With our Mosquito and Tick Program, we will perform service to your yard every month, April through October. Mosquitoes are not very strong flyers, and need to land and harbor every 10 feet, or so. What we do is eliminate the ability for mosquitoes (and ticks) to harbor in those areas. While we are there, we will do a thorough inspection of your yard to find mosquito breeding sites which we will either treat or eliminate. If you are ever not satisfied, we will return and treat at no extra charge to you

All prices assume the following:

  • Home with less than 3,400 sq. feet
  • Property less than 21,780 sq. feet
  • No existing termite activity, damage, or indications of untreated past termite activity
  • Access to the property and home on days a service representative is in your area. You will be notified 72 hours in advance via either text/SMS, phone call, and/or e-mail
  • Bundled Services require automatic payment via either credit card or ACH
Referral Program:

We want to be a member of your family, as you are a member of ours. If you refer a friend, neighbor or family member to Sigma Pest control, and they sign up for a re-occurring service, you will receive $30 off of your next invoice, in addition to a gift of appreciation.

We always back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.