Spiders are moving farther north, according to new study

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Spiders are moving farther north, according to new study

Changes of black widow spider distributions tracked.

According to a study that was recently released, populations of black widow spiders are shifting to move father north – specifically the northern region of Canada.

Researchers discovered the spider is taking on different habits and the most likely reason is that these changes are in response to climate change. The black widow spider is not alone in this reactionary behavior but there also has not been enough research on which groups of animals are changing behaviors and migrating to different regions.

The study entailed researchers analyzing collected data and observations from various stakeholders in order to track and document both the Northern and Black-purse black widow species. Based on the information they gathered, the researchers discovered the back widow species were migrating north and are becoming more present in regions toward Canada.

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According to the researchers, spider distributions are not well known or tracked and documentation of areas of in-habitation is generally based on where scientists discover the spiders. By using both species of the black widow spiders, these research efforts will serve as examples of the need to begin track animal and insect migration.

Researchers intend to cement the method of tracking and documentation by carrying out future sampling attempts on a larger scale. The future studies will help to get a better general sense of where the spiders and other species are distributed.

Researchers have proposed to reach out to scientists and stakeholders used in the recent study to begin a project based on monitoring.

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