What type of ants do I have?

What Type of Ants Do I Have? If you find you are asking yourself “what type of ants do I have?” You have come to the right place! Not only can we answer that question, but we can also clear up the problem for you! What ants are normally found in Fredericksburg and the surrounding […]

Ant Control in Fredericksburg

Ant control in Fredericksburg seems impossible sometimes.  They are everywhere! There are over 700 species of ants living in the united states alone! Springtime in Virginia is here and this is usually when you start seeing ants making their way into your home.  Often times when performing ant control in Fredericksburg, pest control specialists are […]

What do Carpenter Ants Eat?

Seems like there is an obvious answer to this question; carpenter ants each wood! In fact, they don’t each wood at all. The name ‘carpenter’ is used to describe a builder of things. The unfortunate outcome of this story is that in order to build they must first tear down. Carpenter ants don’t get their […]

Carpenter Ants

Summer is a popular time for building things. When a new home is built, those people doing the building are called carpenters. In this blog, however, the kind of carpenter we’ll be talking about is not the kind you want working on your home. The Carpenter Ant does not construct and build in the manner […]

Protect your home from ant invasion with ant prevention

Ants often enter your home because they are looking for food or seeking shelter from the storm. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, food deposits on counter tops, crumbs on the floor, and common household trash provide food sources for ants (and other insects as well). What starts with a few scavengers entering a home can become a major problem if ants establish colonies in walls, lawns, or under home foundations.

The Ant Free Home – Is there such a thing?

Ants are the number one nuisance pest in the Unites States. The total ant population, on the planet, is estimated at one quadrillion (1 followed by 15 zeros). With more than 10,000 species, 700 of which reside in the U.S., it is unlikely that there isn’t at least one ant in your house at any […]

So you have an ant invasion

Have ants suddenly shown up inside your home? A story broadcast on San Diego’s CBS8 channel recently covered an issue that was causing locals to call their area pest control services. The problem: ant invasion. People in San Diego County have been seeing more and more invasions into their homes this summer and according to […]