Having Termites Really Bites!

Termites termite control Termites

Having Termites Really Bites!

Living in Virginia comes with lots of pros, and cons… Including Termites!


  • Great Economy and Opportunities
  • Diverse Culture and History at our Fingertips
  • Beautiful Homes in Natural Settings


  • I-95 Traffic
  • I-95 Traffic (It’s THAT bad!)
  • Termites eating our beautiful homes in their natural settings

Possibly the biggest problem with termites in Virginia is the ignorant bliss that so many of us live with. Termites cause more home damage in Virginia, each year, than all natural disasters combined. Unlike other bugs, you can’t wait until you see a problem to address it, because by then it can be too late!

What's the big deal with termites in Fredericksburg?

termites Why are termites such a threat to our homes? Because termites need a few things in life: food, moisture, shelter, proper temperature. Guess which of these our homes provide… That’s right, all of them! Our homes are built of soft, pulpy woods (Spruce, Pine, Fir) that is LITERALLY their favorite entrée! This matters because it allows them to build hydrated mud tunnels that protect them from predators, light, air, heat, cold… it pretty much makes them the safest they could possibly be. Oh, and the interior of our walls pretty much gives them the perfect climate year-round. Pretty much we couldn’t have built them a more perfect paradise if they had ordered it themselves.

What can I do about my termites?

Should I just burn it down and move into a steel box? NO! Sigma Pest Control offers the most comprehensive, affordable, and flexible treatment plan in the industry. Utilizing the most effective method of control (liquid barrier) with the longevity and flexibility most other companies only offer with the inferior baiting method. Couple this with our bundled payment options, and Sigma Pest Control is the only answer to protect your most valuable investment, your home, from termites.

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