How to get rid of termites

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How to get rid of termites

How to get rid of termites

If you are worried about termites, your first question is likely how to get rid of termites. But it can be helpful to know a little information about them first!

What are termites?

They are those pesky little winged insects that eat away at dead and decaying plant materials. This often includes wood, which makes them pests that can cause severe damage to one’s home.

Where termites are not known to bite a person, aside from damaging a home, they can cause problems for someone who has asthma and/or allergies. They can live in colonies that range from small to very large, containing up to 2 million termites. Have you ever or do you currently have this problem?

How to get rid of termites with DIY solutions

The first method is liquid termite insecticides known as termiticides. They are used to create a barrier and soil treatment around the house/structure against future termite infestations and to prevent them from entering the home. These products may also be used as a liquid spray to apply directly to live termite infestations and will give you the fastest results. The current available liquid treatments are designed to last no longer than 5-10 years.

The second way for termite control is termite baits. They consist of papers, cardboard or other termite food that are combined with a slow acting substance that is lethal to termites. Bait stations can provide an effective and long term solution for termite problems. Termite baits are slow acting, however, they allow for the destruction of all classes of termites. This includes reproductive size, soldiers and worker termites. These baits help to eliminate and control termites in conditions where the home/structure is untreatable with termiticides.

Termite insecticides and termite baits both consist of products that can be purchased at your local home improvement stores. If you are unsure of how to use either of these methods, or are afraid of not doing them correctly, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional pest control company to get any termite problems under control as quickly as possible.

Professional Termite Control

Sigma Termite Solutions (STS) allows you to have the peace of mind that your home is protected from termites for good.

With Sigma Termite Solutions, your home receives a long-lasting barrier against termites, and a thorough inspection of your home is administered every year. If termites are ever found we will, as always, honor our satisfaction guarantee and take care of the problem.

Sigma offers a 5-year plan that provides an additional barrier service performed at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE on the fifth year of the agreement.

Termites are often called the silent destroyer because they may be secretly hiding and flourishing in your basement or attic without any immediate signs of damage. To help protect your home, contact a qualified termite expert to provide annual inspections and treatment, when necessary. Trained experts know all about termites, and Termite Control, including their biology, behavior, signs of activity and prevention and control techniques. In between service visits, make sure to monitor any unusual signs of pest activity around your home, including common warning signs for a termite infestation like swarms, mud tubes, and discarded wings.

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