Termite Activity During Winter.


Termite Activity During Winter.

Termites are a threat to homes all year round. However, termite infestation rates can increase during the winter season because termites often need more food and moisture when the weather is colder. Because of this, termite activity during winter is likely to increase, making it more likely for these pests to invade your home and wreak havoc. However, having the proper knowledge about how to handle these pests and the knowledge of how they operate can help you tackle them during the colder seasons and temperatures that are just around the corner.

What Winter Means for Most Pests

In general, many pests cease being a problem for homeowners during the winter season. For example, mosquitoes disappear when the temperature reaches below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. While wasps die off when the temperature drops below 45 degrees and stays below 45 degrees. There are some pests that will search for a warm place to gather together during the colder seasons so that they can overwinter. Over-wintering is a process that is very similar to hibernation.

On the other hand, some pests, such as rodents are a much bigger problem in the winter. This is because they do not hibernate and are in need of a warm place that provides shelter, food, and water. Rodents are more likely to infest your home during the fall and winter because your home provides all of their basic needs. But what is termite activity during winter like?

What Winter Means for Termites

Termite activity during winter is supposed to die off because they are insects right? WRONG. Termite activity during winter is actually similar to rodent behavior during winter. Meaning that as the cold temperatures arrive, termites are actually more active and more attracted to your home than any other time of the year. Instead of hibernating, termite activity during winter increases immensely as they eat away at wooden structures and destroy your home.

termite activity during winter

Looking Out for Termite Activity During Winter and Other Seasons

While knowing the extent of termite activity during winter is important as we head into the season, you should be looking for signs of termites throughout the entire year. However, spotting these signs isn’t as easy as you may think.

Termites aren’t insects that you will just see walking around, and it is unlikely that you will just stumble across their nests when you are during your regular cleaning routine.

This is because termites are not adept to survive out in the open, and the only termites that do come out where people can see them are reproductive termites that are ready to mate. But even these termites only come out of hiding long enough to mate before immediately heading back underground.

Termite activity during winter is often hard to spot because these pests generally operate in secret and work behind the scenes. They spend their lives in the dark confines of your home’s wooden structures with their colony. These colonies are typically made up of thousands of termites that travel through your home by way of tunnels and tubes. It is because of this that termite activity during winter is not something that you can spot on your own. Here are some signs to look out for areas in your home to pay close attention to:

While all of the signs mentioned above can be extremely difficult to notice, once a colony of termites has become established in your home and begin to multiply the signs become very apparent. If you notice these signs throughout your home it is very likely you have a very active and large colony of termites on your hands.

  • A sagging ceiling 
  • Floors that begin to buckle or that have become very squeaky 
  • Walls that start to bulge discolor, or have peeling wallpaper or paint 
  • Doors and windows that are extremely difficult to open and close without explanation. 
Winged individuals of termite

Let us Help you Prevent Termite Activity During Winter and Year Round

Termite activity during winter is just as dangerous as termite activity throughout the rest of the year, and it’s important for you to be on alert. Termite damage can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs over time, so taking these preventative measures will pay off tenfold and save you from the damages caused by a total infestation. Termite activity during winter is not only dangerous to the structure of your home, but termites can also damage furniture and even pose a threat to you and your family’s health.

At Sigma Pest Control, our goal is to keep you safe from pests year-round which is why we offer our quarterly pest control packages. This package will not only help you discover any termite activity during winter that is happening in your home but at the start of each season too. Contact our team today if you are experiencing any signs of termites! These silent predators can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time, and the best way to prevent them and stop any current infestations is by trusting a team of experienced professionals.

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